What is Focus Rx

Focus Rx is a specialized pharmacy that provides patients and prescribers with services to access medications that treat complex, chronic and acute conditions.

Where is Focus Rx located?

Focus Rx is licensed nationally and headquartered at 2805 Veterans Highway, Suite 19, Ronkonkoma NY 11779.

What are Focus Rx hours of operation?

Focus Rx operates M-F 8 am – 6pm, Sat 9 am – 1 pm with pharmacist availability 24/7.

What types of therapies does Focus Rx provide?

Focus Rx specializes in treating the following conditions and/or providing the following therapies

What types of services does Focus Rx offer?

Focus Rx does much more than dispense medication. Our specialty and infusion services include:

  • Comprehensive drug and medical benefits investigation/Coverage assistance
  • Prior Authorization assistance
  • Letters of Medical Necessity/Appeals assistance
  • Financial/Co-Pay assistance
  • Patient-specific Adherence programs/Side Effect Management/Refill Reminders
  • Multiple medication packaging and prompt delivery options
  • Specialized pharmacists available 24/7 to assist you and your needs
  • Prescription Triage Services
  • Nursing

Why does Focus Rx exist?

We believe we exist to put the “patient” back in patient care. For many, today’s healthcare environment is challenging, fragmented and often confusing. Our goal is to find our way to the center of it all and facilitate the process of accessing specialty medications and home infusion therapies.

Who does Focus Rx partner with?

We work with and have contracts with payors, pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers, physicians, retailers, nursing agencies, hospitals and health systems.

Will my medications be covered by my insurance?

More often than not, your specialty medications are covered by your insurance company. When coverage is not available, the Focus Rx team will work with patients to help them access medications by sourcing coverage, or working with a number of different organizations and foundations to help patients access their treatment.

How will I receive my medications?

Specialty therapies are scheduled and delivered to home or medical facility, depending on the treatment, by private courier in most cases. A delivery time window will be confirmed so that patient or healthcare provide will know when to expect their medication delivery.

I can’t afford my treatment, is there anything Focus Rx can do to help me?

While there have been incredible advances in the treatment of chronic conditions like Cancer, Hepatitis C and Auto-Immune disease, the cost of preferred medications can be very expensive for any patient with or without insurance coverage. The team at Focus Rx works closely with foundations, manufacturers and other organizations to help patients afford and access their intended therapies.

What support does Focus Rx offer once I start taking my medications?

Our specialized pharmacists take many factors into account when a patient starts treatment of a complex medical condition. Each patient’s scenario can vary based on illness, treatment, overall health, lifestyle, conditions at home, family assistance etc. For those reasons, our staff designs adherence programs that are personalized to each patient’s unique situation to ensure the greatest chance of successful treatment.

What limited distribution drugs does Focus Rx provide?

Focus Rx has access to many limited distribution drugs currently and offers capabilities such as HIPAA-compliant data collection and reporting as well as REMS program integration that align with manufacturer needs. If you are a manufacturer interested in expanding your network of pharmacies Focus Rx would love to talk. Please email us info@myfocusrx.com.

What is Home Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy takes place when a patient is administered their medications through a needle or catheter into a vein. Home infusion therapy is when a patient receives this therapy in their home, with the help of experienced home infusion nurses and pharmacists. There are many different types of infusion therapies that can be safely administered in the preferred and more comfortable setting of a patient’s home. You can learn more about home infusion therapies offered by Focus Rx here.

Why is Home Infusion Therapy being recommended?

Though home infusion therapy is not appropriate for every patient, here are some the reasons why your provider may have opted for in-home treatment.

  • Medical care provided in the comfort of your home, allowing the patients to maintain normal daily living and involvement with loved ones and friends
  • Eliminate long hospital stays and unnecessary traveling. More often than not, treatment at home is less costly to patient and the healthcare system overall
  • When conditions in the patient’s home are optimal they are at lower risk of infection than if treated in the hospital
  • The patient has the opportunity to become more actively involved in their care, and with the appropriate medical assistance decreasing the likelihood of having to return to the hospital due to a recurrence of their condition

Who will coordinate my care when I leave the hospital?

Your physician and/or discharge planning team at the hospital will work directly with Focus Rx to seamlessly transition your care to the home setting.

What happens is Focus Rx cannot dispense my medication?

Focus Rx recognizes that not all pharmacies can dispense every medication for every individual. We also believe that these types of exclusive and restrictive pharmacy arrangements put patients at a severe disadvantage by further limiting patient access to necessary medication. So we offer every available service and treat these circumstance like we are the dispensing pharmacy. We provide comprehensive benefit verification and prior authorization assistance, prior to transferring the prescription to the insurance required pharmacy. We are a customer service organization that aims to provide our customers and patients with solutions each and every time.

How can I refer a patient to Focus Rx?

There are several ways to refer a patient to Focus Rx.
1. Fax a referral form to 888-801-0404, or
2. Complete our online referral forms, or
3. Use our Virtual Liaison to submit patient demographics, prescriptions, patient’s insurance information and any diagnosis supporting clinical information, or
4. Call us at 888-464-8987, and an enrollment representative will be happy to assist you.


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"“Everyone at Focus has been so kind and thoughtful. It’s really nice to know that I can work with a home infusion pharmacy that I trust.” "

− Julia, Focus Rx Patient

"“It was hard enough to learn that I have cancer, when I learned it would cost thousands of dollars to treat my condition made me feel helpless. When I spoke with a representative at Focus Rx and they reassured me that help was available. I am now cancer free for over 4 years!!” Jennifer, Focus Rx patien"

− Jennifer, Focus Rx patient

"“I love that when I call Focus Rx, a real person answers the phone, they know who I am and how to help me.” "

− Jess, Focus Rx Customer



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