Lou Puleo – CEO

As CEO of Focus Rx, Lou Puleo leads all strategic planning and corporate development initiatives as it relates to driving success within sales, operations, marketing, finance, company culture and public relations. A visionary leader driven to realize opportunity, Lou is continually pushing the envelope to implement innovation across the integrated Focus Rx pharmacy services platform.

Prior to becoming CEO, Lou worked as the VP of Business Development for Focus Rx, the first location and held other leadership and sales positions within the healthcare industry. Notably, Lou had spent recent years selling to strategic, high profile hospitals navigating verticals up to the C-suite in the top two major healthcare markets in the northeast US for both CVS Health, formerly CVS/Caremark, a Fortune 10 company as well as VHA, a healthcare group purchasing organization and outsourcing firm. Under Lou’s leadership and directive within the oncology services portfolio, CVS improved to first in the NY market while totalling the second highest revenue by geography in the US totalling over $90 million in sales. Additionally, VHA witnessed over 37% growth throughout the northeast market including Boston, MA resulting in the highest performance throughout the country.

In his current role, Lou oversees the performance of two pharmacy locations and leads an executive team of 3 others to drive corporate vision and strategy, while meeting the demands of the ever changing healthcare market. To achieve this, Lou uses his ability to recruit top talent and develop the expertise necessary to continue driving industry relevance and company growth. Combined with his years of experience, he works diligently to create a high performing and innovative culture that addresses the needs of specialty and infusion customers by providing a personalized service that “puts the ‘patient’ back in patient care.”

Richard Collins R. Ph. – President

Richard Collins R.Ph. is serving as President at Focus Rx with responsibility for operational administration and financial management of two locations. A dynamic healthcare professional, he has extensive experience overseeing retail, mail-order, infusion and specialty pharmacy operations.

Prior to joining Focus Rx, Rich worked in a number of operational leadership positions for CVS Health, formerly known as CVS/Caremark Specialty Pharmacy and CarePlus Specialty Pharmacy. Notable is his 15 years management experience, he served as Regional Director of Specialty Pharmacy Operations for CVS/Caremark, a Fortune 10 company, where he oversaw more than 115 employees at 10 specialty pharmacy sites and lead revenue growth to reach in excess of $334 million. Under Rich’s leadership, CVS specialty achieved and set the bar at a 98% customer satisfaction rating within the region.

In his current role, Rich leads a strategic financial and operational team to ensure Focus Rx’s aligns with its vision and strategy. His unrelenting attention to detail, dedication and operational leadership experience have been the operations driving force behind meeting the needs of customers as well as revenue/profit goals.

Christopher Varvaro R. Ph. – COO

As COO, Christopher Varvaro R.Ph. is responsible for implementing operational strategy while providing oversight to manage the day to day specialty infusion operation. A highly experienced specialty pharmacy leader, he has a unique ability to motivate staff internally and attract profitable external partnerships.

Prior to joining Focus Rx, Chris pioneered much of what specialty pharmacy is today. Over his nearly 20 years of experience, he has held a number of operational management positions for CVS Health, formerly known as CVS/Caremark Specialty Pharmacy and CarePlus Specialty Pharmacy and Statlanders. Remarkably, he served as long time Facility Assistant Manager to Rich Collins at CarePlus Specialty Pharmacy and was promoted to Facility Manager in 2009 where he drove revenue growth to exceed $100 million in annual sales. Serving as Facility Manager, for CarePlus, the largest non-mail order specialty pharmacy, he spear-headed a clinical liaison by branch marketing campaign that bridged the gap between sales and operations. Chris managed a staff of 35 employees in 9 different therapeutic categories.

In his current role, Chris oversees the execution of daily operations activity, and is the key driver behind patient and customer satisfaction. His ability to understand the selling process in combination with his operational management experience has been integral to ensuring the relevancy of Focus’ service offering.


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Diplomat Acquires Focus Rx

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"To be recognized as a healthcare partner, incorporation our values to deliver customer-focused results"

− Gegg Ross

"To be recognized as a healthcare partner, incorporation our values to deliver customer-focused results"

− Gegg Ross

"To be recognized as a healthcare partner, incorporation our values to deliver customer-focused results"

− Gegg Ross



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